You are an Initiator:
A Governmental or Non Governmental Organization, a Corporation: You have a project aiming to tackle an environmental challenge: we are here to help you.

By scouting and matching you with innovative startups to deliver your project, we increase your ability to access blended financing.
Our goal is to involve local players on your projects to promote the development of sustainable local economies.

Our game Changer package
Combining education and design thinking, your Executive or Operational teams will be able to deliver meaningful and impactful projects.

Our goal is to help organizations start on the right foot their sustainability projects.
Lack of knowledge of the science behind climate change, of the solutions that are impactful, the fear of unintended greenwash, the cost of projects: We address all these at a competitive cost. Ask us for details.

You are an Innovator:
A Startup, a Scaleup, an Incubator/Accelerator, ... from. advisory up to a full acceleration program through a match with an Initiator, we can find a solution for you.

We will find a financing solution working for both of us: Retainer, sweat equity, revenue share, a blend of all... as long as the project matches our values and has a potential, we can find a way.