Partner with us!

Our strategy is to build through our projects a global network of organizations enabling local Initiators and Innovators achieve their impact.

We partner with like-minded organizations around dedicated projects, because we believe action builds stronger partnerships.

Here are some of our partners and what we collaborate on.
Contact us if you think a collaboration will boost our collective impact!

Who? Accelerator for Ocean impact oriented startups
Why? Extend our outreach

OHA is conducting acceleration programs for LLF in Africa on our Oceans focus

Who? An alliance to boost innovation for sustainability
We all agree the current startup economy is not delivering enough for the planet

We endorse IxSA manifesto, and our team is involved in IxSA projects and leadership.

Who? Early stage VC
Provide access to financing options

We collaborate on communication and deal flows

Who? Design thinking and innovation
Why? Provide access to expertise

Co-creation Lab has been our partner since inception and we partner on most of our projects

Who? NGO creating local conservation projects
Rainforest and local communities expertise

Rainforest Partnership provides expertise and exposition to the local communities to protect and restore the rainforest. We also collaborate on the World Rainforest Day.

Who? Summit connects and organizes events for game changers
Why? Expand our mutual networks and increase outreach

Summit has supported our action in Brazil and we launched together a group of Young Indigenous Leaders to provide them support, connections and exposure.