Current Projects

We focus on the needs of the green and the blue lungs of the planet: Rainforests and Oceans, as well as 1 major cause of climate change: Urban Life (short term consumerism, food waste, ...).

We scout Innovations which are addressing problems that Initiators are fighting on the ground.

We turn them into impact projects finding the right Enablers to make them economically viable and present them to Impact Investors.

Our latest projects

Impact Project: Boost corporate transition to a sustainable economy

Location: Singapore
Initiator: Living Labs Federation
Enablers: CoCreation Lab, Teale, Climate Fresk, Zero Waste City, Found and Seek
Project: Built in collaboration with large MNCs CEOs, the "Game Change Package" combines training and design thinking to shift their business model
Target: Launch corporate-led innovation projects for startups
Details: Ask us for details

Acceleration Project: Foodwaste Mauritius

Location: Mauritius
Initiator: Business Mauritius
Innovator: Lightblue Consulting - Thailand
Enablers: Foodwise, HRDC, Signe Natir
Project: Build a pilot with 10 Restaurants and Hotels
Target: Expand to a country-wide foodwaste reduction by developing a local business and governmental support around the technology, training and auditing.
Details: Article 1, Article 2

Acceleration Project: Circular Economy and Conservation in Rodrigues

Location: Rodriguez Island
Initiator: Ter Mer Rodriguez
Project: Supporting the NGO develop, finance and deploy conservation and circular economy projects - Algae Farming, Eco tourism in Gombrani, autonomous villages, waste management, ...
Target: Make Rodrigues a benchmarck model for sutainable development and an accelerator for innovations

Acceleration Project: Blue Economy

Location: 6 Indian Ocean Islands
Initiator: CAP Business OI
Enabler: CoCreation Lab - Singapore
Project: Launch a strategic plan for Blue Economy
Target: Develop innovation projects to boost innovation for the blue economy

Acceleration Project: Innovation for Impact Mayotte

Location: Mayotte
Initiator: ADIM
Enabler: Co-Creation Lab - Singapore
Project: Develop the tech ecosystem and the startup community in the Region, with a focus on sustainability
Target: Launch innovation projects to boost entrepreneurship for impact

Impact Project: Amazon Rainforest in Xingu

Location: Xingu, Brazil
Initiator: AFV / Rainforest organization
Enablers: Pufferfish Partners
Project: Provide strategic advising to their 6 projects in the Xingu territory.
Target: Launch innovation projects for startups to develop a sustainable economy in the Rainforest
Details: Link 1

Examples of innovations we support

These are some of innovators we accelerate, advise or simply promote! We have more we would be happy to introduce!