From local purpose to global impact: a "glocal" approach to sustainability

A new approach to sustainability

We believe small is beautiful: Local initiatives are pragmatic, efficient, they are better suited to balance Social, Environmental and Economical considerations.

We believe localized ecosystems are key to achieve global impact while keeping these vertues intact.

We believe in the new generation: Millennials are driven by action and do not fear to experiment.

Game changers are everywhere....

Fighting to save the rainforest in the Amazon, to clean plastics from the oceans in the indonesian islands, to reduce single use plastics in Singapore: activists fight everywhere to save the planet.

Low tech, High tech, Circular and Symbiotic economy, Social inclusion: entrepreneurs willing to build the businesses of tomorrow through innovative approaches are everywhere.

Incubators, business developers, accelerators, growth hackers: Enablers bringing their expertise to build a better world are everywhere.

Angel investors, Family offices, ...: Impact investors willing to support game changing projects are emerging.

... but how do we align all these local initiatives to better serve a global world?


Local activists trying to tackle concrete sustainability issues are everywhere.
They struggle to find innovations and resources.


Entrepreneurs with great sustainable innovations are everywhere.
They struggle to turn them into sustainable businesses and raise funds.


Enablers with the right expertise are everywhere.
They struggle to find projects allowing them to have a positive impact.

Impact Investors

Investors willing to have impact are everywhere.
They struggle to find projects with positive Environmental, Social and Economical returns.

Our Living Labs involve all these game changers around the same projects to achieve their individual goals and increase their collective impact


We are Builders, a new generation of architects who have a vision and gather different local players to achieve global scale projects in a localized manner.

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